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Your Openion about word & Media

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^m. tPmk^v ]\-t¡gw AXn-cq-]-X, aX-t_m-[\ Ub-d-IvSÀ Biw-k-IÄ ]dm skâv .-Bâ-Wokv k¬tU-kvIqÄ kz´-ambn Hcp sh_-ssk-än\v cq]w-sIm-Sp-¯n-cn-¡p¶p F¶-dn-bp-¶-Xn hf-sc-b-[nIw kt´m-j-ap-­v. AXn-cq-]-Xn-bnse Hcp sNdnb k¬tU-kvIq-fmWv ]dm skâv Bâ-Wokv F¶ hkvXpX IW-¡n-se-Sp-¡p-t¼mÄ XnI¨pw kml-kn-Ihpw A`n-am-\-I-c-hp-amb Hcp ImÂsh-¸mWv CsX¶v ]d-tb-­n-bn-cn-¡p-¶p. am[y-a-h-t_m-[-ap-ff GXm\pw aXm-²ym-]-IÀ Ub–d-IvSÀ A¨sâ … Continue reading

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Sneha doothu

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Sneha doothu

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Media Centre Blessing

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Denha Thirunnal

Pindikuthi Thirunnal Images The feast of Denha, the Epiphany (Commemorated on 6th January) This season begins on the Sunday nearest to the feast of Denha. The weeks ascribed to it are seven, but may extend even up to 10, according … Continue reading

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12th Dec.2010 Miss.Linta parathara(Class 8 St.Antony’s Sunday School) got first prize in kottayam District “Pravarthi Parichayamela”

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December 18 Albhutha sleeva

Photo gallery of dec.18 thirunnal will publish soon..

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