ssZhw Zm\-ambn \ÂInb Xme-´p-Isf a®n Ipgn-¨n«v \in-¸n¨v If-bmsX Ahsb hfÀ¯m-\pw, ssZh al-Xz-¯n-\mbn hn\n-tbm-Kn-¡m-\pÅ thZn-bmWv Iem-th-Zn.

Hcp hyàn-bn A´Àeo-\-am-bn-cn-¡p¶ Ign-hp-Isf Is­¯n ]cn-t]m-jn-¸n-¡m-\pÅ Ah-k-c-amWv Iem-thZn Ipªp-§Ä¡mbn Hcp-¡p-¶-Xv. hyXykvX {Kq¸p-I-fm¡n Xncn¨v aÕcw \S-¯p-¶p. XpSÀ¶v B {Kq¸p-I-fn \n¶v Xnc-sª-Sp-¡-s¸-«-hÀ¡v Xo{h-amb ]cn-io-e\hpw \ÂIp¶p. {io. tPm¬k¬ tImbn-¸-Ån, {io APojv h«-¡-fw, {io. sU¶n If-¸p-c-bv¡Â, {io. jntPm If-¸p-c-bv¡Â, kn. jmtcm¬ F¶n-hÀ Iem-th-Zn¡v t\XrXzw \ÂIp-¶p.


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