Thirubala Sakhyam

Xncp-_me kJyw

1 apX 7 hb-Êp-h-sc-bp-ff Ipªp-§Ä Hs¯m-cp-an-¡p¶ thZn-bmWv Xncp-_me kJyw. F´n-s\bpw A\p-I-cn-¡m\pw lrZvØ-am-¡m\pw {ian-¡p¶ Cu {]mb-¯n \njvI-f-¦-a-\-Ên-te¡v ssZh-kvt\-lhpw Imcp-Wyhpw \nd-bv¡m-\p-ff Ah-k-c-amWv Xncp-_m-e-k-Jyw.

]dm skâv-Bâ-Wokv tZh-e-b-¯nse Xncp-_me kwJy-{]-hÀ¯-\-§Ä `wKn-bmbn \S-¡p-¶p. 30 Ipªp ame-J-amÀ FÃm i\n-bm-gvNbpw hn. IpÀ_m-\¡v tijw H¯p-IqSn {]mÀ°n-¡p-¶p. ]f-fn-bn s]cp-am-td-­Xv F§-s\sb¶pw aäpw Chsc ]Tn-¸n-¡p-¶p.  hnip-²-cpsS PohnX Ncn-{X-§Ä, IY-IÄ, ss__nÄ IYIÄ F¶n-h-bn-eqsS Chsc ssZthm³ap-I-cmbn Pohn-¡m³ {]m]vX-cm-¡p-¶p.

kpIrX P]-§Ä \·-IÄ sN¿Â F¶n-h-bn-eqsS ssZh-kvt\-l-¯n AhÀ hf-cp-¶p.  Ign-hp-IÄ hnI-kn-¸n-¡m³ hyXykvX aÕ-c-§Ä \S-¯p-¶p.

hnImcn ^mZÀ tPmjn -a-T-¯n-]-d-¼n A\n-ta-äÀ knÌÀ jmtcm¬ F¶n-h-cpsS t\Xr-¯n Xncp-_m-e-kJy {]hÀ¯-\-§Ä `wKn-bmbn \S-¡p-¶p.

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